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Learn how to play blackjack by watching videos and read about the rules, tips and strategies!
Learn the basics of blackjack
A good start and guide for the beginner to know how the game works. Read and watch the basics one step at a time.
Advanced thinking
Learn more advanced approaches of what to think of and how to become an advanced blackjack player.
Free blackjack money
JackpotCity.co is a free source and there is also free blackjack money in store,  waiting for you to collect.

Blackjack Game Guide

Blackjack is also commonly known by the name 21(twenty-one) and is the most played casino game in the world. In blackjack the players involved is competing against the dealer and NOT against the other players at the table. The game is played with one or more deck of cards. 1 deck of cards consists of 52 cards.

The goal is to "beat the dealer" and can be made in different ways:

Having 21 points on the players first 2 cards is called blackjack, without a dealer blackjack.
Beat the dealer by having a greater score at the end of the game.
Let the dealer draw cards until his or her hand exceeds 21.

Let us take a look on how Blackjack is played

Let´s imagine that we have 5 players at the blackjack table, all be playing for the "dealer". The game of blackjack starts after the players bets are placed and the cards are dealt.

All players cards are face up while the dealers cards are dealt one face up and another face down, which will be revealed once it is the dealers turn to play. The first player has a "blackjack", this hand is an automatic win unless the dealer has a "blackjack" too.
As you can see, the dealer doesn´t have a blackjack because his upcards is not a 10 or an ace. The dealer pays out the win of 3 to 2. Players who don´t have blackjack must choose between the basic blackjack options which are: Hit, Stand, Double Down and Split.

A set of blackjack with 5 players

The first is to Stand which means to ask for no more cards. This player have 18 and he decides to stand as his hand will probably bust if he takes one more card. The second option to Hit which means to ask for one more card. You can hit as many times as you want until you decide to Stand, reach 21 or bust.

The player at the 3:rd seat has a hand totaling 12 and he decides to hit. Now the hand total is 17 and he hits again and stands on 19. The third option is to double down. This option automatically increases the bet twice and deals only one more card. The player at the 4:th seat has 11 and he decides to double down. The 4:th option is split. If the player is dealt 2 cards of equal rank, he can split them into 2 hands and play each hand separately with the bet doubled. The player splits the pair of eights and plays those as "2 hands".

Now it is the dealers turn to play. Accordingly to most blackjack games, the dealer must Stand on all 17:s and draw on 16. The dealer turn his face down card, face up. He has 14 and accordingly to the rules he hits and gets 18. Now the dealer must stand and all the players hands are compared to the dealers hand one by one.
The first hand is a push as the players and the dealers hand are both equal. The player gets his bets back. The players at the 3:rd seat has 19 which is higher than the dealers hand and he wins even money. The next player has 15 which is less than the dealers and he loses his bet. The last player has 21 which is higher than the dealers hand and is payed 1 to 1.

Blackjack hands

Blackjack is the highest hand with a value of 21.
Ace + 10 = 21
Soft Hand
A hand in which there is an ace that is counted as 11 is called a "soft hand". So a hand
comprising an ace and a 6 is for example a "soft 17".
Hard Hand
A hard seventeen is any combination of cards that add up to 17, other than Ace 6.

For example:
10 and 7
J and 7
9 and 8

Blackjack card values

What are the cards values in blackjack?
A deck consists of 52 cards divided into four suits. Hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades.
In Blackjack, the suits has no importance. What matters is only the values of the cards.
Below table shows the card values.

Card value: 2-9

Card value: 10

Card value: 1 or 11

How to play advanced blackjack

Blackjack is the most popular game at the casino. Blackjack is the most profitable game too, if you play it right.
This means that strategies and systems are possible to use to increase your chances of winning.
See the below videos to learn more about those techniques.

Video #1
Video #2

Video #3
Video #4


Training Videos

Learn the basics about blackjack by watching below series of videos. This will give a general idéa and is a good start before playing online.

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Recommended Casinos

The table below lists online casinos where you are able to play Blackjack for real money. Sorted with best ranking on top, the casinos offer different bonuses when signing up
for you to start play with.
Rank CasinoReviewWag.BonusesSoftwarePlay
25% up to £8
100% up to £€100
Barcrest gray-dot Evolution Live Gaming gray-dot Playtech
320% up to £160
Microgaming gray-dot 1x2gaming
100% up to $200
100% up to $€£200
100% up to $400
100% up to $400
100% up to £100
Random Logic Software
100% up to £€$250
100% up to £500
400% up to $1000
£25 Bonus
100% up to $€£200
100% up to $500
100% up to €100
100% up to £$€100
200% up to $2000

Highest Rated Online Casinos
William Hill Casino
Players has voted 4.75 stars  (61 Ratings)
888 Bingo
Players has voted 4.75 stars  (63 Ratings)
Paddy Power Casino
Players has voted 4.75 stars  (272 Ratings)
32Red Casino
Players has voted 4.5 stars  (124 Ratings)
Ladbrokes Lotto
Players has voted 4.5 stars  (85 Ratings)
888 Poker
Players has voted 4.5 stars  (146 Ratings)
Bet365 Casino
Players has voted 4.5 stars  (86 Ratings)
Ladbrokes SportsBook
Players has voted 4.5 stars  (138 Ratings)
Mr Green Casino
Players has voted 4.5 stars  (96 Ratings)
888 Ladies
Players has voted 4.5 stars  (98 Ratings)
All Slots Casino
Players has voted 4.5 stars  (54 Ratings)
Bodog Casino
Players has voted 4.25 stars  (107 Ratings)
32Red Bingo
Players has voted 4.25 stars  (132 Ratings)
Players has voted 4.25 stars  (129 Ratings)
888 Casino
Players has voted 4.25 stars  (63 Ratings)
Europa Casino
Players has voted 4.25 stars  (108 Ratings)
888 Games
Players has voted 4.25 stars  (134 Ratings)
Ladbrokes Bingo
Players has voted 4.25 stars  (78 Ratings)
Spin Palace Casino
Players has voted 4.25 stars  (127 Ratings)
Ladbrokes Casino
Players has voted 4.25 stars  (55 Ratings)
Casino Titan
Players has voted 4.25 stars  (81 Ratings)
UniBet Casino
Players has voted 4.25 stars  (137 Ratings)

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