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Learn how to play mahjong by watching videos and read about the rules and tiles!
Learn the basics of mahjong
A good start and guide for the beginner to know how the game works. Read about the basics and the meaning of different tiles.
Complete video tutorial
Never played mahjong before?
Below videos are excellent learning material and will show you how to be a good mahjong player.
Free mahjong money
JackpotCity.co is a free source and there is also free mahjong money in store,  waiting for you to collect.

Mahjong Game Guide

Mah-jong is a traditional Chinese parlour game, played between family and friends, and can include gambling or be just for fun. Mah-jong is a highly social game played with four people around a square table but often with onlookers and family close by. The game is usually played in total 16 times to symbolise the four winds for
each player.

Mah-jong consists of 144 tiles which are categorized in different suites. The Bamboo Suite, Circle Suite and the Wan Suite. The 3 suites are numbered from 1-9 and are repeated 4 times. The Wind Suite consists of tiles representing the 4 winds, north, south, east and west. These again are repeated 4 times.

How is mahjong played?

Mahjong is a fast paced game starting with all tiles shuffled and faced down on the table. The game is a centuries old version of Rummy played with tiles instead of cards.

The playing pieces might look complicated but the game is quite simple to learn. You will need a standard Mah-jong set, 4 players at a table and a pen and paper to record the points. However when playing online, this is automatically done for you.
Mah-jong is an ancient game, so for chinese spekers each tile has a specific meaning and significanse. However, to play the game successfully, none-chinese speakers only need to be able to recognice the difference between them and understand how to use them in a regular game. in a regular game.

Mahjong is a game based on skill and planning but also a portion of luck.
Throughout the game each player must always have 13 tiles in their hand. However they may have more tiles on the table depending on how the game progresses.

The object of the game Mah-jong is to pick up tiles in order to create pairs and melds. A meld is a specific sequence of tiles, simular to a set in a game or Rummy. There are 3 different sets of melds, the Pong, the Kong and the Chow. The Pong is a set of 3 identical tiles. A Kong is 4 identical tiles.
A Chow is 3 suited tiles in a sequence. Think of this as 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind and a straight of a game of Poker.
To win the hand, a player must complete a "Mah-jong", which is comprised of 4 melds and a pair.

Different tile descriptions

The objective of Poker Mahjong is to form a hand of five tiles in a particular combination:
A pair and a set of three tiles. The set of three tiles can be either a run (e.g. 3, 4, 5, or 6 ,7 ,8)
(same suit) or three-of-a-kind.

Circle Suit
Is represented by blue, green, and a red circle. The total of circles is representing the rank of the tile.
Bamboo Suit
Is represented by outlines of sticks that resemble a bamboo. Different with traditional Mahjong is that 1 tile is also using stick instead of bird.
Character Suit
Is appropriately more known as the WAN Tiles and is represented by Chinese characters. Blue character above represents the rank of the tile.
Wind Tiles
Consists of 4 different tiles. South,
north, east and west.
Dragon Tiles
Consists of 3 different tiles.

Red: A red traditional Chinese
character or a red dragon.

Green: A green traditional Chinese
character which has the meaning:
"strike it rich".

White: Most modern sets has a blue border to separate them from replacement tiles.
Flower Tile
Is grouped from 1-4 and represents different flowers in many colors.
Season Tile
Consists of 4 different tiles. Spring, summer, autumn and winter.
Joker Tile
Is a tile that can replace any tile.
Just like a joker in a card game.

Training Videos

Learn Japanese Mahjong by watching the below series of videos. A complete and excellent walkthrough of how the game is played. You will be able to master Mahjong before playing online.

Video 1/4

Video 2/4

Video 3/4

Video 4/4

Recommended Casinos

The table below lists online casinos where you are able to play Mahjong for real money. Sorted with best ranking on top, the casinos offer different bonuses when signing up
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32Red Bingo
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