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Learn how to play poker by watching videos and read about the rules, tips and strategies!
Learn the basics of poker
A good start and guide for the beginner to know how the game works. Read and watch the basics one step at a time.
Advanced thinking
Learn more advanced approaches of what to think of and how to become a much better poker player.
Free poker money
JackpotCity.co is a free source and there is also free poker money in store,  waiting for you to collect.

Poker Game Guide

Poker has become one of the most popular and widely accepted games today. With over 1 million searches on internet today, the demand is huge and some casinos have also specialized on this game, like pokerstars.

What makes poker stand out a bit from many other casino games is that a combination of luck and skill can be applied to the game such as using a strategy depending on what the current hand is "worth".
Even a pshycologial factor is involved which makes this game interesting to play.
During peakhours at some online casino poker rooms, we can se as much as over 50,000 people playing.

Poker is a family of different card games where the winner depends on which combination of cards he or she has at the end of the game.
Ranking order from worst to the best hands can be seen in the illustration below.

Basic Poker Rules

Assuming that we have 8 people at the poker table, generally in the first round when all players has been given their "final" cards, the action proceeds clockwise. The first player is forced to start with a bet which the next player must match in order to still be in the game. An other choise is to match the bet and at the same time raise if he/she beleives the rank of cards is worth doing so.
This will give a signal to the other players that you might be sitting on a good hand which could at the same time be a pshycological factor.

The other choise is to "fold" if the player beleives his/her cards wont match up in the competition. Sometimes this could be a strategic thing to do, saving the money for the next game for a potentially better hand.

The rounds goes on until all players have folded except one player or matched the previous bet.
The player that has not folded is the winner who will take home the whole pot that has been put on the table.
The winner can choose to show or not show his or her hand of cards at this time.

Let us take a look on how Texas hold'em is played

Also commonly known as hold 'em or holdem is a variation of the originally card game poker.
A hand of Texas Hold'em begins with the "pre-flop", where each player is dealt 2 whole cards face down, followed by the first round of betting. Three community cards are then dealt face up on the table, called the "flop", and the second round of betting occurs.

On the "turn", a fourth community card is dealt face up and another round of betting occurs. Finally, on the "river", a fifth community card is dealt face up and the final round of betting occurs.
All players still in the game reveal their two hole cards for the "showdown".
The best five-card poker hand formed from the two hole cards and the five community cards wins the pot.

Each player in hold'em is given 2 cards which are faced down. own.
If a tie occurs, the pot is split. Texas Hold'em is typically played with 8-10 players.

The play begins with the player to the left of the dealer and continues in a clockwise manner. Betting consists of rounds and will always continue until any of the below scenarios occurs. below scenarios occurs.

Scenario 1
When the players compare their hands at the end of the game where the winner has the best ranking card combination.

Scenario 2
When for example 2 players has exactly the same ranking of winning cards. Here the pot will be split up, commonly known as a "tie".

Scenario 3
When for example 4 out of 5 players have all "folded". This means that they have abondoned the game and by this also the pot. This means that the pot is awared to the remaning player which then is the winner.

The concept of being a winner and succeed at poker is not the need to win every game because this has never happened to a successful poker player. The important factor to be a winner is to know when to go out of the game("fold"), how much to raise when you actually have a hand which has potential to win the game.

Poker Game Hand Rankings

Royal Flush
A straight flush consisting of the five highest cards of one suit, ranked as the highest hand in certain games of poker.
Straight Flush
A hand in which all five cards are of the same suit and in numerical sequence, ranked above "four of a kind" in poker.
Four of a Kind
Four of a kind, also known as quads, is a poker hand that contains all four cards of one rank and any other (unmatched) card.
Full House
A full house, also known as a full boat, is a hand that contains three matching cards of one rank and two matching cards of another rank.
A flush is a poker hand where all five cards are of the same suit, but not in sequence.
A straight is a poker hand that contains five cards of sequential rank in at least two different suits.
Three of a Kind
Three of a kind, also called trips or a set, is a poker hand that contains three cards of the same rank, plus two cards which are not of this rank nor the same as each other.
Two Pair
A poker hand that contains two cards of the same rank, plus two cards of another rank (that match each other but not the first pair), plus any card not of either rank, is called two pair.
One Pair
One pair is a poker hand that contains two cards of one rank, plus three cards which are not of this rank nor the same as each other.
Is a hand which doesn't contains any hand of value as stated above.

Requirements for a world-class poker player

Several key components has been found to be required of a strong poker player. However, these components are not independent. They must be continually refined as new capabilities are added to the program.

Hand strength assesses the strength of a hand in relation to the other hands. The simplest hand strength computation is a function of the cards in the hand and the current community cards. A better hand strength computation takes into account the number of players still in the game, the position of the player at the table, and the history of betting for the current game. An even more accurate calculation considers the probabilities for each possible opponent hand, based on the likelihood of each hand being played to the current point in the game.

Hand potential computes the probability that a hand will improve to win, or that a leading hand will lose, as additional community cards appear. For example, a hand that contains four cards in the same suit may have a low hand strength, but has good potential to win with a flush as more community cards are dealt. Conversely, a hand with a high pair could decrease in strength and lose to a flush as many cards of a common suit appear on the board. At a minimum, hand potential is a function of the cards in the hand and the current community cards. However, a better calculation could use all of the additional factors described in the hand strength computation.

Betting strategy determines whether to fold, call/check, or bet/raise in any given situation. A minimum strategy is based on hand strength. Refinements consider hand potential, pot odds (your winning chances compared to the expected return from the pot), bluffing, opponent modeling and trying to play unpredictably.

Bluffing allows you to make a profit from weak hands, and can be used to create a false impression about your play to improve the profitability of subsequent hands. Bluffing is essential for successfull play. Game theory can be used to compute a theoretically optimal bluffing frequence in certain situations. A minimal bluffing system merely bluffs this percentage of hands indiscriminately. In practice, you should also consider other factors (Such as hand potential) and be able to predict the probablity that your oppenent will fold in order to identify profitable bluffing opportunities.

Unpredictability makes it difficult for opponents to form an accurate model of your strategy. By varying your playing strategy over time, opponents may be induced to make mistakes based on an incorrect model.

Opponent modeling allows you to determine a likely probability distribution for your opponent's hidden cards.
A minimal opponent model might use a single model for all opponents in a given hand. Opponent modeling may be improved by modifying those probabilities based on the collected statistics and betting history of each opponent. There are several other identifiable characteristics that may not be necessary to play reasonably strong poker, but may eventually be required for world-class play.
Opponent modeling is integral to successful poker play.


Poker has become the fastest growing game on the internet. Play it a few times and you will understand why. It's addictive. Fast. Entertaining. Colorful. And there you are, playing live with people from all over the globe, a great virtual casino experience - and real money is being won by people just like you and me. What's not to like?

Well, you say, "I would like to win more often..."u say, "I would like to win more often..."

Like the people who play slots or video poker terminals (VLT), most people just play poker online for fun. Don't get this wrong, they would love to win; they just aren't prepared to do the homework necessary to get really good at the game and win consistently.

The 'Food-Chain Theory' of Online Texas Hold'em Poker!
Fish, as they are called in Texas Hold'em, are prey.
Fish are the losers - and the beginners - and the slappy players who get eaten everyday by the bigger fish. In nature they are called 'prey'. Thank goodness for the fish. They sustain the entire poker 'food chain'. Without fish, there would be no monster pots or big paychecks and the game would not be nearly as interesting nor as profitable.

To understand this correct, everyone is a 'fish' in the beginning and there is no way around this essential truth. Everyone gets burned and eaten repeatedly when they start to play poker. Everyone loses on even the best
'nuts' hands.


Training Videos

Learn the basics about poker play by watching below series of videos. This will give a general idéa and is a good start before playing online.

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Recommended Casinos

The table below lists online casinos where you are able to play Poker for real money. Sorted with best ranking on top, the casinos offer different bonuses when signing up
for you to start play with.
Rank CasinoReviewWag.BonusesSoftwarePlay
$1000 Bonus
200% up to £500
100% up to $400
200% up to $2000
Ipoker By playtech
150% up to $600
Equity poker Network
€1000 Bonus
200% up to $2500
100% up to $600
100% up to €250
200% up to €100
100% up to $1000
Winning poker Network (wpn)
200% up to $5000
200% up to $5000
$500 Bonus
50% up to $200
Ipoker By playtech
$500 Bonus
50% up to $200
200% up to $5000

Highest Rated Online Casinos
William Hill Casino
Players has voted 4.75 stars  (61 Ratings)
888 Bingo
Players has voted 4.75 stars  (63 Ratings)
Paddy Power Casino
Players has voted 4.75 stars  (272 Ratings)
32Red Casino
Players has voted 4.5 stars  (124 Ratings)
Ladbrokes Lotto
Players has voted 4.5 stars  (85 Ratings)
888 Poker
Players has voted 4.5 stars  (146 Ratings)
Bet365 Casino
Players has voted 4.5 stars  (86 Ratings)
Ladbrokes SportsBook
Players has voted 4.5 stars  (138 Ratings)
Mr Green Casino
Players has voted 4.5 stars  (96 Ratings)
888 Ladies
Players has voted 4.5 stars  (98 Ratings)
All Slots Casino
Players has voted 4.5 stars  (54 Ratings)
Bodog Casino
Players has voted 4.25 stars  (107 Ratings)
32Red Bingo
Players has voted 4.25 stars  (132 Ratings)
Players has voted 4.25 stars  (129 Ratings)
888 Casino
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Europa Casino
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888 Games
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Ladbrokes Bingo
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Spin Palace Casino
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Ladbrokes Casino
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Casino Titan
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UniBet Casino
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