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Learn what sports betting is about by reading tips and watching videos!
Learn the basics of sports betting
A good start and guide for the beginner to know how sportsbetting works. Read and watch the basics one step at a time.
Advanced thinking
Learn more advanced approaches of what to think of and how to become better at sports betting.
Free sports betting money
JackpotCity.co is a free source and there is also free sports betting money in store,  waiting for you to collect.

Sports Betting Game Guide

Today it exists many sportsbooks online where you are able to bet on different sports like hockey, football, golf, soccer, horse racing, boxing, mixed martial arts, basketball and more. Here you are able to place bets on the games, - and winning bets are paid out when the game has ended. Different sports has different liquidity depending on if that particular game for example has a championship or is in season. This is a good thing to think about when choosing a sport to bet on.

Common type of bets and examples

Straight Bets are made when you choose a team and a point spread. The cost for the wager is a cost of 10/11 or $110 to win $100. For example: Toronto Raptors +6 VS the Chicago Bulls -6.

If the straight bet is on the Bulls -6, then Bulls must win by more than 6 points for the bet to be a winner. If the straight bet is on the Raptors +6, then the Raptors can't lose by more than 5 points for the bet to win. If the game lands on 6 points, then your bet is a push and results in no action. An example of this would be a final score of the Raptors, 90 and the Bulls, 96.

If Bets gives you the possibility to cashing in on a much bigger payout than your actual stake. If Bets give you the oppurtunity of making numerous selections within one wager. However, the wager will only progress to the next selection if you pick wins or in some cases pushes. If you pick loses, the bet will not progress to the next selection. There are two types of "If Bets". "If Win" and "If Action". Both of these are very simular with one small difference. An "If Win" wager will stop if you pick loses or pushes. An "If Action" wager will only stop if you pick loses.

A Parlay Bet is a single wager that requires at least 2 or more successful results. The most simple example would be the following. You think that both "The Lakers" and "The Celtics" are going to win their games tonight. The Lakers money line is -200 and The Celtics money line is -185. If you combine both games into 1 bet, you can win more money than Individual Bets. You will receive a larger payout if you win because 2 things happen for you to win. Because it is more difficult "Parlay bets" will pay more if successfull. Lakers at -200 by itself would win $50 on a $100 bet. If you bet the Celtics at -185 by itself, this would result in a win of $54.05 on a $100 bet. You will win $104.05 if you win both games betting them individually.

What is the best sportsbook?

People often ask what is the best online sportsbook?
Well there are many answers for this question, so how will a player that want to
bet on for example basket ball or football go about finding a secure and reliable sports betting site?

Would you visit an independent review site or visit betting forums to search for posts from other players? Well that could be time consuming. How about searching for the best sportsbook on google?
What will the final score for the game be?

That is not either a good idéa. Just because a sportsbook rank good on Google doesn´t mean that this is a safe and reputable sportsbetting site.

If you want to find the very best sportsbook online, there is no need to look any further. In the right column we have put the top sportsbook sites avaliable today. All of them are widely known and have earned a good reputation during the years. You will find great welcome bonuses for you to start out with.

Top 18 sports betting tips for beginners

Set a Budget and stick to it
Setting a budget for betting is extremely important, you must be disciplined and only gamble the amount you put aside. Whether it is a weekly or monthly amount, don't feel like you have to bet all the time. Even if you win, stick to your budget!

Avoid the Casino and Games sectionss
When you are on a sports betting website you will notice that the games and casino sections are very easily accessible. These sections are where the bookies make the biggest margins, hence people lose their money there. Stick to the sports section.

Keep track on games and historical results as support for future betting tactics..

Join several bookmakers
Shopping around whilst betting is an important part of getting value for your money. Different bookies will have different odds for various sports. Learn which bookies provide the best value and in turn your profits will increase.

Check the rules
Each bookmaker will have their own rules on each individual market, make sure you understand what will happen if there is a non-runner or own goal.

Understand the market you are betting on
This is vital to understand, especially with there being so many different markets available. Some of these markets can sound similar for example HT/FT is different to win both half's.

Don't chase losses
Knowing when to stop betting can be quite difficult at times, however it is extremely important. Some days you will lose and just have to walk away. Remember that you have a budget and you have to stick to it.

Use the sign up bonus
Each bookmaker will have a sign-up bonus and taking advantage of these offers will add a huge amount of extra cash to your balance.

Use on-going promotions
As well as a sign-up bonus most bookmakers offer on-going promotions for sporting events. The on-going specials will boost your betting balance or give you your money back on losing bets.

Check stake restrictions
Sometimes the bookie will not want to take a bet, or offer a limited amount on an event. Before you deposit your money check that they will take the size of bet you wish to place. Also make sure you check the maximum win.

Check Payment methodss
There are so many ways to add funds to your account, but not all bookies accept all payments. A quick check of payment methods is important.

Read an up to date preview of the event
Keeping up to date with the event is an important part of betting, the odds will constantly change depending on the probabilites of the outcome. So if a key player is side-lined by injury or the time of kick-off is changed, this is information worth knowing.

Check the weather conditions
The weather conditions can change the way sporting events are played out, in F1 this can completely change the race outcome. Horse racing will also be affected heavily.

Bookies are not banks, don't keep too much money in your account
Quite simply put, bookies are not banks. They are companies and keeping your bank-roll in you player account. Of course having a small amount in is useful as withdrawing money from bookies can take 3-5 days using a debit card.

Dont't bet whilst drinking alcoholl
Alcohol and betting do not go together, that is why casinos give out free drinks!

Don't pay for tips
Paying for tips is not a sensible option for beginners, tipsters can have bad runs and will lose you money. Best is to understand how a sport and a market works for yourself.

Watch the event you are betting onn
Not only does it make the event more exciting, you can also see how the odds change during a live match. Almost all bookmakers have live odds on their websites and this can teach you how to bet in the future.

Don't always back the favourite
Favourites do lose now and again. There is no such thing as a sure bet.

Bet on markets that give better value
When there is a clear favourite in an event, the odds can be pretty dire. Look at different markets like over/under or Asian handicaps.


Training Videos

Learn the basics about sports betting by watching below series of videos. This will give a general idéa and is a good start before playing online.

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

Recommended Casinos

The table below lists online casinos where you are able to play Sports Betting for real money. Sorted with best ranking on top, the casinos offer different bonuses when signing up for you to start play with.
Rank CasinoReviewWag.BonusesSoftwarePlay
100% up to €500
100% up to €100
125% up to $250
100% up to £100
100% up to $200
Playtech gray-dot 1x2gaming
£138 Bonus
Amaya gray-dot Inplay Matrix
100% up to £100
300% Bonus
200% up to $2500
175% up to $500

Highest Rated Online Casinos
William Hill Casino
Players has voted 4.75 stars  (61 Ratings)
888 Bingo
Players has voted 4.75 stars  (63 Ratings)
Paddy Power Casino
Players has voted 4.75 stars  (272 Ratings)
32Red Casino
Players has voted 4.5 stars  (124 Ratings)
Ladbrokes Lotto
Players has voted 4.5 stars  (85 Ratings)
888 Poker
Players has voted 4.5 stars  (146 Ratings)
Bet365 Casino
Players has voted 4.5 stars  (86 Ratings)
Ladbrokes SportsBook
Players has voted 4.5 stars  (138 Ratings)
Mr Green Casino
Players has voted 4.5 stars  (96 Ratings)
888 Ladies
Players has voted 4.5 stars  (98 Ratings)
All Slots Casino
Players has voted 4.5 stars  (54 Ratings)
Bodog Casino
Players has voted 4.25 stars  (107 Ratings)
32Red Bingo
Players has voted 4.25 stars  (132 Ratings)
Players has voted 4.25 stars  (129 Ratings)
888 Casino
Players has voted 4.25 stars  (63 Ratings)
Europa Casino
Players has voted 4.25 stars  (108 Ratings)
888 Games
Players has voted 4.25 stars  (134 Ratings)
Ladbrokes Bingo
Players has voted 4.25 stars  (78 Ratings)
Spin Palace Casino
Players has voted 4.25 stars  (127 Ratings)
Ladbrokes Casino
Players has voted 4.25 stars  (55 Ratings)
Casino Titan
Players has voted 4.25 stars  (81 Ratings)
UniBet Casino
Players has voted 4.25 stars  (137 Ratings)

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